Student Life

Our Lady of the Ridge students are active members of our school, parish and larger community. We offer many opportunities for our students (and their families) to get involved and live a stewardship way of life: 
  • New Family Mentoring Program
  • Catholic Schools Week celebrations
  • Back-to-School Night/Open House
  • Safety Patrol
  • Junior/Senior Band
  • Student Service Projects (Food Drive, Toy Drive, Holy Childhood Missions)
  • Student Council
  • Student Volunteer Hours Program
  • 5th Grade Recycling Program
  • Jr. Stewardship Club
  • Buddy Program
  • Safety Cones
  • Flag Patrol

  • Field Trips

  • Retreats

  • Lunch Helpers

  • Recyclers

  • Teacher Helpers

The following activities are open to all students in the parish and are not solely school activities:
  • Altar Server
  • Choir
  • Sports Program (sponsored by the OLOR Men's Club and open to all children of the parish) - Cheerleading, Football, Co-ed Soccer, Girls and Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Volleyball
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts