Faculty and Support Staff
Our Lady of the Ridge Catholic School is blessed with a talented, dedicated staff.
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Pastor Fr. Wayne  
Principal Sr. Stephanie Kondik srstephanie@olor-school.org 
Pre-K Mrs. Michele Pietruszynski mpietruszynski@olor-school.org 
Kindergarten Mrs. Colette McLaughlin mclaughlin@olor-school.org 
1st Grade Miss Tina Butler butler@olor-school.org 
2nd Grade Mrs. Mary Krueger krueger@olor-school.org 
3rd Grade Mrs. Carolyn Ervin ervin@olor-school.org 
4th Grade Miss Jennifer Pietruszynski pietruszynski@olor-school.org 
5th Grade Mrs. Cindy Niziolek niziolek@olor-school.org 
6th Grade Sr. Mary Kathleen Craig craig@olor-school.org 
7th Grade Ms. Mary Tiesch tiesch@olor-school.org 
8th Grade Miss Hannah Rajkovich rajkovich@olor-school.org 
Music Teacher Mrs. Cathy Marth  
Art Teacher Mrs. Nancy Hughes  
Computer Teacher David Arias arias@olor-school.org 
Secretary Mrs. Page mrspage@olor-school.org 
Pre-K-1 Aide Mrs. Aler  
Grades 2-4 Aide Mrs. Walinski  
Grades 5-8 Aide Mrs. Munzing  
Food Service Professional Mr. Bob Aldworth lunch@olor-school.org 
Showing 20 items