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Looking for Sponsorship information on the Save Our Lady of the Ridge School fundraiser or tickets to the event? Please visit our sponsorship page for more info.

We had a tremendous turnout for our event at Bourbon Street.  879 attendees generated a lot of support and excitement.  We'd like to thank all those who attended, worked and contributed in any way to the event.  We are humbled by the outpouring of generosity over the last few weeks.  To God be the Glory!
Funds Raised: $321,011
Enrollment: 117 paid registrations
(updated Wednesday, February 22, 2017)

Our Lady of the Ridge School

For more than 60 years, Our Lady of the Ridge School has been providing a high quality Catholic education to children in Chicago Ridge, Worth, and surrounding communities in the southwest suburbs. Thousands of students have graduated from OLOR, using the faith-based education they received to become everything from priests to public servants to athletes to artists.

But we MUST secure this legacy for the next 60 years and beyond. The Archdiocese of Chicago has announced their intention to close our school's doors forever if we do not raise $250,000 and do not have 114 committed student registrations by February 26th, 2017. We can do it, but we need your help.

The loss of Our Lady of the Ridge School would be a tragedy for the students and their families first and foremost. Not only would they lose their school, they would lose the constant presence and reinforcement of Christ as part of their daily life - the formation of their faith from the Franciscan Sisters and dedicated lay people who sacrifice so much to shape the next generation of energetic, compassionate Catholic leaders.

Closing Our Lady of the Ridge School will also have a domino effect, destabilizing both the parish and the community at large.
  • The loss of school families hurts the vitality of our parish. 
    • There will be fewer altar servers
    • There will be fewer children receiving their sacraments
    • There will be fewer children in our faith-centered athletics programs
    • A loss of student led fundraisers giving back to the parish and community
  • The loss of school families hurts the entire community
    • A vacant school building can weaken local property values
    • A closed school cripples small businesses as families move away or seek other schools to send their children to. (Did you know Our Lady of the Ridge School serves students from 12 different school districts who come to us seeking an authentic Catholic education with rigorous academics? These are people who come into the community daily and their loss will be felt beyond the parish itself.) 
  • The loss of school families hurts people who depend on us ACROSS THE CHICAGOLAND AREA and beyond:
    • OLOR students collect clothes for homeless teens
    • OLOR students pack and ship care packages to U.S. service men and women overseas
    • OLOR students visit nursing homes and play games with residents
    • OLOR students make hygiene bags for guests of our parish PADS homeless shelter

Alumnus (and Chicago Ridge mayor) Charles Tokar talks about OLOR School

Please pray for us and join us in our efforts to prevent the Archdiocese from closing Our Lady of the Ridge School. Your donation is tax-deductible and will be used exclusively for the school if you designate it to "School Support."  Thank you for your generous gift!

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